Friday, October 4, 2013

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Dinagyang Festival is also a victim of Mark Joseph Solis

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Last month, the name of UP grad student in the person of "Mark Joseph Solis" became popular when the an international photo contest with a stolen photo. Articles in the internet show that he have this many time already in many contest that he was participating.

In the recent events, an image circulating in facebook sent by Ronnie Custodio Gabalda who has been with the Dinagyang committee for years now. A a colleague of his is in suspicion of plagiarized by no other than Mark Joseph Solis again.

This was waay back 2009. when won 2nd place in a photo contest. Lets examine the photo to prove that is not his.

1. Caption says Ati-atihan when it's clearly a photo of Dinagyang Festival.

2. The "festival of smiles" is the Maskara festival which is in Bacolod city.

The origina post can be found here.

Here is the said photo:


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